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Washington, DC on May 19-20, 2020.


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Access all of the previous Town Hall Meetings offered to the Industry during COVID-19




"How COVID-19 Just Accelerated the Tax Freight Train"

David McKnight

"It's a Wonderful Life"

Scott Brennan

"Don't Waste This Crisis"

Joe Jordan

Other Previous Town Hall Sessions available

  • Wade Pfau, "Impact of Current Events on Retirement Income Planning"
  • Scott Sinder & Kate Jensen, "Bonus Session! Questions Answered from Paycheck Protection Program"
  • Deirdre Van Nest, "Delivering Your Message in Uncertain Times—In
    Person or Virtually"
  • Scott Sinder, "Paycheck Protection Program"
  • Dave Resseguie, The Resseguie Group, "Hindsight is #2020"
  • Jamie Hopkins, Carson Group, "Behavioral Finance & CARES Act"
  • Diane Boyle, NAIFA; Keith Gillies, United Wealth Advisory Group; Mark Massey, SMA Services; Todd Villarrubia, Wealth Planning Law Group, "CARES Act: What it Means to Small Business & Your Practice"
  • Van Mueller, "Now is the Time"
  • Ryan Pinney"Running Your Agency Virtually"
  • Ike S. Trotter & John D. Richardson, "Adapting to New Technologies"
  • Tom Hegna, "Opportunities Abound in Crisis"
  • Jill Judd, FSS, LUTCF, State Farm, "Communicating with Clients in Challenging Times"
  • Brock Jolly, Treasurer, "NAIFA Comes Together"

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