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Bryon-Holz-Heade-shot Derek Scheetz

The webinar is offered in partnership with

How the Annuity Industry Is Navigating an Advisor Sea Change

Bryon Holz
Secretary, NAIFA
President & Registered Principal, Bryon Holz & Associates
Derek Scheetz
Financial Representative, Lifetime Financial Growth

Tuesday, June 29th

11:30 am eastern

In just a short time, the industry will be facing an advisor shortage of nearly 400,000 professionals. Distributors must find ways to engage with and recruit younger advisors, who demand new ways of doing business. Meanwhile, advisors preparing to retire must do so in order to court younger advisors for succession planning. How is this being done on all sides of distribution? And what do younger advisors really want and expect from the industry?

NAIFA and NAFA are pleased to offer this webinar in partnership for National Annuity Awareness Month.


Danny Oconnell walterkatz

The webinar is brought to you by

Breaking Into Business Markets

Danny O’Connell
Next Level Insurance Agency, LLC
Walter Katz, CFP, AIF, ChFC
The K Corporation

Wednesday, June 30th

2 pm eastern

Entry to the business market can bring life-changing profitability to your insurance and financial services practice. Where else can one conversation result in the acquisition of hundreds of new clients? While this market may be lucrative, it is highly competitive. However, there is a charted path to success in the business market, a path that Danny O’Connell has successfully navigated.

“Breaking into Business Markets” is for any advisor who is interested in expanding their practice to include business clients. It is also for those with experience in the business market who would like to gain additional ideas to increase their production. 


Tom Michel Kevin Mayeux
Diane Boyle
The webinar is brought to you by

Q3 State of NAIFA

Tom Michel, LACP
Kevin Mayeux, CAE
Diane Boyle
Senior Vice President, Government Relations

Tuesday, July 20th

2 pm eastern

Join us for our Q3 "State of NAIFA" of 2021 webinar . We will provide an update on where NAIFA is as an association and highlight advocacy work to be done this year. They will also provide an update of NAIFA programs and, most importantly, provide information to help you get the most out of NAIFA.


Harlan Accola Wade Pfau

The webinar is brought to you by

4 Approaches to Managing Risk Retirement Income

Harlan Accola, CRMP
Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation
National Reverse Mortgage Director
Wade Pfau, PhD, CFA, RICP
The American College
RICP Program Director & Professor of Retirement Income

Wednesday, August 4th

2 pm eastern

In this session, RICP Program Director and Professor of Retirement Income at The American CollegeWade Pfau, PhD, CFA, RICP joins Fairway Independent Mortgage's National Reverse Mortgage Director, Harlan Accola, CRMP for an in-depth discussion of  how they approach risk retirement income management, and an overview of the practical implementations to managing sequence risk they consider including, delaying Social Security, using annuities with lifetime spending protections, employing a rising equity glide path in retirement, using a time segmentation or bucketing strategy, or creating a “buffer asset” with a reverse mortgage or whole life insurance.