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Webinars & Events

John Boothman

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iLife Technologies

How to Grow Your Life Insurance Business by Adopting eCommerce Practices

John Boothman
Strategic Distribution & Partnerships at iLife Technologies

Thursday, October 5

12 pm eastern

Join this Digital Marketing and eCommerce webinar to explore the opportunities available to grow your Life Insurance business in the rapidly growing online marketing space.

Consumers buy an ever-increasing amount of products online - where does Life Insurance fit in? Agents can now participate in eCommerce! Learn how to create your own solution and own your digital space.


Q4 State of NAIFA

Q4 State of NAIFA

Thursday, October 6

12 pm eastern

Join us for the Q4 State of NAIFA 2022 webinar featuring: 

NAIFA leaders will provide an update on where NAIFA is as an association and highlight advocacy work to be done this year. They will also provide an update on NAIFA programs and, most importantly, provide information to help you get the most out of NAIFA.


Matthew Gibson John Snider

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Is Behavioral Insurance the Future of Life Insurance?

Matthew Gibson
ACS, Head of Strategic Distribution Initiatives
John Snider II, JD
AVP & Associate Counsel

Wednesday, October 12

2 pm eastern

Presented by John Hancock, NAIFA-FSP’s Advanced Practice Center will host the webinar, “Is Behavioral Insurance the Future of Life Insurance?” on Wednesday, October 12 at 2 pm eastern. Explore how behavioral insurance advances in life insurance offer new opportunities for business planning. The webinar is free to attend with Continuing Education credit available.


Gary Weber

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AccuPoint Solutions

Data Diving: Understanding and Maximizing Your Most Important Asset

Gary Weber
Founder & CEO at AccuPoint Solutions

Thursday, October 13

12 pm eastern

Join NAIFA Business Performance Center partner AccuPoint Solutions for a data-driven demonstration. This webinar will discuss how to best understand the complexity of the data you may have – or may want to purchase – for your sales, marketing, recruiting, and data analytics efforts.


Chicago Meetings on Main Street

Thanks to our event host:
Midwest Legacy Group

Meetings on Main Street - Chicago

Tuesday, October 18

1 PM central

NAIFA's Meetings on Main Street event series is our chance to give back to the insurance and financial services industry by presenting an inspirational, insightful, and invigorating experience open to all industry professionals. 

Join us for an action-packed afternoon featuring talks from insurance and financial services leaders, followed by a complimentary cocktail reception.

Expect to learn how to:

  • Capitalize on behavioral finance trends
  • Turn obstacles into opportunities
  • Optimize your branding through digital marketing
  • Reach more prospects by increasing your visibility on LinkedIn


Ashleigh Hammad Scott Kirby

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Abacus Life Logo

Life Settlements: A Product and Industry Update

Ashleigh Hammad
Director of Sales
Scott Kirby
Managing Partner

Tuesday, October 18, 2022


In "Life Settlements: A Product Industry Update," you will be guided through a market discussion of the latest pricing, underwriting, and submission trends in the Life Settlement industry, and how Advisors and their clients can benefit from Policy Valuations and Audit.