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Joe Jordan Headshot

The webinar is brought to you by

Retirement Risks in a Post-COVID World

Joseph Jordan
Financial Services Speaker & Bestselling Author



Joe Jordan’s new presentation, Retirement Risks in a Post-COVID World, will present an informative outlook for our business, discussing why advisors must adapt to the new Post-COVID economic environment to be successful. Joe will explain the defining issue of the 21st century and the 6 retirement risks clients should address in pursuing their retirement goals:

  • Longevity – Risk of Outliving Assets
  • Market and Interest Rate Risk
  • Withdrawal Rate Risk
  • Sequence of Return Risk
  • Purchasing Power/Inflation Risk
  • Health Risks

Clients need a partner and a plan to successfully navigate these challenges, and that partner is their financial advisor!

Joe Jordan, inspirational speaker and behavioral finance expert, is the author of the award-winning book Living a Life of Significance. Formerly, Joe ran insurance sales at Paine Webber and more recently was a senior vice president at MetLife. Joe is also a founder of the Insured Retirement Institute, a NAIFA partner.


luke acree

The webinar is brought to you by
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The 3 Step Marketing Plan to Turn Clients into Raving Fans that Refer and Never Leave

Luke Acree
President, ReminderMedia



Why is client relationship marketing important? Learn how to avoid the cycle of chasing new clients from ReminderMedia President and Advisor Today contributor Luke Acree.

This webinar will help you:

  1. Discover how top companies create raving fans

  2. Learn what type of content to send to your clients and how often

  3. Learn how to connect with spouses, build trust with the next generation, and increase your AUM

Luke Acree, President of ReminderMedia and co-host of the popular Stay Paid Podcast, is a marketing evangelist and an expert team builder. Luke has worked with tens of thousands of independent business professionals over the years, helping them understand how to connect with their client database in ways that generate leads, secure repeat clients, and drive more referrals.


Meetings on Main Street MoMS IG -1080x1080px

Thanks to our host OCi Services.

Meetings on Main Street - Omaha

July 19, 2022

OCi Services - Omaha, NE

NAIFA's Meetings on Main Street event series is our chance to give back to the insurance and financial services industry by presenting an inspirational, insightful, and invigorating experience open to all industry professionals. 

Join us for an action-packed afternoon featuring talks from insurance and financial services leaders, followed by a complimentary cocktail reception.

Expect to learn how to:

  • Optimize your branding through digital marketing
  • Reach more prospects by increasing your visibility on LinkedIn
  • Expand your influence in the senior market
  • Turn obstacles into opportunities



NAIFA Apex Conference

Apex 2022

August 17-18, 2022

Arizona Biltmore

The New Sales Summit for the American Advisor

This event is for the American advisor that is always focused on increasing performance to increase production. It's about how fast can you get to the top of your potential.

Apex isn't for product training, doesn't contain irrelevant breakout sessions or competing sessions that force you to choose and leave you feeling that you didn't get the ROI you wanted.

Apex is an event to allow you to fully focus on yourself and your performance so that you can return back to your practice refreshed, rejuvenated, and ready to be your absolute best for your clients and agency/firm colleagues.

Don't come if you expect the same 'ole, same 'ole conference. Do come if you need one opportunity a year to disconnect from everything and get centered on your growth plan for yourself.