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Tools you need to become a politically
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Become an informal advisor to your
representatives on industry matters.

Support candidates for state and
federal office who understand the
value advisors and agents play in
securing America's financial future.

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Washington, DC on May 19-20, 2020.


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Advisor Today has the largest circulation among
insurance and financial planning advising magazines. 

NAIFA is the professional association of producers.

Why Join

Why Belong to NAIFA?

NAIFA Members are More Successful

Membership to NAIFA attracts top performers who are civic-minded. This hard-working group of people focuses on the process of continually building their business, increasing knowledge, and enhancing skills. NAIFA's educational offerings provide members with the professional development and continuing education needed to be a top producer. Additionally, NAIFA offers more than 50 professional programs and products to enhance skills and provide value-added business services.

Major carrier studies continuously show that NAIFA members earn significantly more than their non-NAIFA counterparts. Many of the industry's leading companies support NAIFA membership by contributing towards dues payments and facilitating payments. Find out if your company supports your membership in NAIFA.

Do You Belong at NAIFA?

Joining NAIFA is a personal statement that you adhere to the highest Code of Ethics in all that you do, seek continuous improvement through education, belong to a network of trusted advisors, and actively support advocacy efforts that protect our industry at the federal and state level. Additionally, NAIFA members seek camaraderie and a tight-knit community to find new industry colleagues and establish long-term friendships.

Experience NAIFA for Yourself

You wouldn't be in this business if you weren't financially savvy yourself. Most members join because either a trusted colleague or manager has vouched for the benefits, or the individual has attended an event to experience other members.

To ensure that we are inclusive and accessible to all, we offer the totally free, Advisor Ambassador archives where you can attend virtually to learn from our members who are part of the Young Advisor Team (YAT)

Do You Want to Belong to a Community that Cares?

If you're looking for an amazing community of people who will lift you up and celebrate you, then you're likely a good candidate for membership.  You can easily commit to NAIFA by joining online or contacting us via phone or live chat to learn more.