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NAIFA Is the Home for Professionals in Financial Services



Mission Statement

Empowering financial professionals and consumers through world-class advocacy and education.



Founded in 1890, the National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors is the preeminent association for financial service professionals in the United States of America. NAIFA members, in every Congressional district and every state house, subscribe to a strong Code of Ethics and represent a full spectrum of practice specialties to promote financial security for all Americans. Complimented by its professional development and consumer divisions, the Society of Financial Service Professionals and Life Happens, the association delivers value through advocacy, service, and education.


A Leader Through the Years

NAIFA has served the needs of insurance and financial services professionals and worked to protect consumers since 1890. Nearly all of the institutions serving the industry can trace their roots back to NAIFA.

NAIFA Timeline2


Our 21st Century Vision

NAIFA is the home for professionals who serve a broad array of the American public's financial services needs. We have grown with the times, joining with the Society of Financial Service Professionals to expand our membership base and secure our position as an industry leader in education and professional development. NAIFA has brought on Life Happens, the leading source of highly impactful consumer information in the industry, to bolster our public outreach, promote the essential work done by our members, and educate the public on the vital products and services NAIFA members provide. 

NAIFA continues as the foremost advocacy association in the insurance and financial services industry. With members in every Congressional District, our influence in Washington, D.C., and every state capital is unmatched. Our prestige, tremendous grassroots influence, and highly rated political action committee protect the ability of financial professionals to work in the best interests of the consumers they serve.

These three iconic brands in the insurance and financial services industry have joined together to assure the success of all industry professionals and promote the financial security of American families and businesses.


Where Are We Going? Where Have We Been?

NAIFA's Strategic Plans establish association goals and a five-year road map of how NAIFA will serve our members, the greater community of financial professionals, and the American public.  The NAIFA 2025 Strategic Plan sets forth our current vision.  Annual Business Implementation Plans spell out tactics that aim to make progress in support of NAIFA 2025 objectives.

Download NAIFA 2025 and the 2024 Business Implementation Plan.

NAIFA's 2023 Annual Report provides a snapshot of the work our association did in 2022 and the progress we made toward meeting the goals of the NAIFA 2025 strategic plan. The report is organized to highlight the three components of NAIFA's membership promise:

  • Advocate
  • Educate
  • Differentiate

The annual report also provides information on NAIFA's media and publications, membership and partnerships, and consumer outreach.

Download the 2023 NAIFA Annual Report