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NAIFA 2025 Strategic Plan


In January 2021, NAIFA's Board of Trustees unanimously voted to adopt the 2025 Strategic Plan. The Plan was created by the NAIFA 2025 Strategic Planning Committee and chaired by Lawrence Holzberg, LUTFC, LACP. Throughout the process, NAIFA maintained total transparency with its membership by holding a Town Hall and opening up a review/commentary period. The results of the collaborative effort which included members and industry leaders creates an action-oriented plan focused on expansion.

The approved 2025 Strategic Plan,  the 2023 Business Implementation Plan (BIP), and all previous-years BIPs are available to download. The BIP establishes annual tactics that aim to make progress in support of the objectives in the NAIFA 2025 Strategic Plan.

Quarterly State of NAIFA Webinars by NAIFA leaders are also available on-demand upon submission of the form.  The quarterly webinars provide updates to the entire association's membership, partners, media, and industry organizations on NAIFA's progress in executing its strategic plan. 

For media inquiries on the plan, please email naifa2025@naifa.org or contact our media relations team.

Download the 2025 Strategic Plan &
the 2023 Business Implementation Plan