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Three memberships in one price to support you every step of the way.

The Benefits of Belonging to a Community that Cares

We design all of our programs and services around the member. NAIFA is member-driven and the direct input of committee members and frequent surveys mean that the speakers selected, the programs created and the content we provide are not just timely, but 100% relevant to your business. 

Your one NAIFA membership fee provides you with access to a national network of business colleagues and participation at the state and federal levels for advocacy. In addition, your area might also have a local chapter or affiliate that provides in-person education. 

The chart below outlines the major benefits of membership, though the biggest one does not appear: the love of camaraderie and loyalty in life that members give to one another. 

With NAIFA, you will never go it alone. There will always be someone to lift you up and cheer you on to be your absolute personal best.

Fees Customized to Your Years in the Business

Joining NAIFA is a great investment move on your part. We provide a graduated fee model to make it easy on your wallet during the years that you are getting established. Each year your membership fees will graduate up based on the number of years in the industry. We are designed to allow you the support you need at every step of your business' lifecycle. 

Whether you are established and just have never known how impactful belonging to your professional association could be on your life, or you are just getting going in financial services, NAIFA is here for you.

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Member Benefits
Listing on FinancialSecurity.org consumer search tool
Every active member is included in the "Find an Advisor" search tool that is promoted to consumers.
NAIFA Live: Monthly Virtual National Membership Meeting with Top Speakers
Each month join us for a top speaker to provide inspiration & sales ideas.
Specialty training on state & federal advocacy
Every member is actively encouraged to participate in NAIFA state & federal advocacy efforts--we will train you.
Access to Members-Only Webinars
We hold topic-based and advocacy webinars that are specific to just our members on a periodic basis.
Volunteer Leadership Opportunities
Join a Board or a Committee to make a real impact on the future of NAIFA. Note that only producers are eligible to sit on the National Board of Trustees.
Be published in our magazine
Submit your articles and/or be interviewed for our Advisor Today magazine.
Be a Brand Ambassador
Get a spot on our National platform to represent NAIFA through being a content leader, media go-to resource and/or social media influencer.
Discounts to affinity partners including E&O insurance, Zoom, Life Happens, travel & lodging and more.
NAIFA members can choose from a range of partners that provide discounts on their products or services.
Preferred pricing to annual professional development conference named Performance+Purpose
Billed monthly
Billed annually
Brand New in Your Business Getting Grounded in Your Business Getting Established in Your Business Scaling to Grow Your Business Your Business is Well-Established & You're In It to Win It
Monthly Price Year 1 in Financial Services
$ 10
$ 120
Year 2 in Financial Services
$ 20
$ 240
Year 3 in Financial Services or Never Been a NAIFA Member Before
$ 30
$ 360
Year 4 in Financial Services
$ 40
$ 480
Year 5+ in Financial Services
$ 56
$ 672
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