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Washington, DC on May 19-20, 2020.


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Advisor Today has the largest circulation among
insurance and financial planning advising magazines. 


Interdependent people combine their own efforts with the efforts of others to achieve their greatest success
—Stephen Covey

Benefits of Belonging

Grassroots Engagement at State & Federal Levels

Grassroots Engagement at State & Federal Levels

NAIFA has a lobbyist in every state and a member in every Congressional district. In 2023, 43 states held legislative days in their respective capitols and met with their state officials. During NAIFA's 10th Annual Congressional Conference, more than 500 members held meetings with over 300 federal legislative offices on Capitol Hill. NAIFA combines and leverages the power of our individual members to protect our clients no matter where they may reside.

The Community that Cares

The Community that Cares

NAIFA members share one vision which is to ensure that the clients we serve achieve financial security. We know we can best work towards this vision by banding together in one community that strengthens and reinforces our commitment to one another and the American dream. NAIFA is a community of people who love what they do, they are impassioned by helping people get on the path to a strong financial future. When you become a member of NAIFA you become part of a network of inclusive agents and advisors.


NAIFA Members Ascribe to a Code of Ethics

Very few associations operate with a code of ethics, and almost none include a best interest statement. Our members ascribe to our code of ethics which states they put their clients' best interests ahead of their own. We have a concept that we call NAIFA Citizenship. This means that our members operate with the highest integrity, they are very proud of helping Americans achieve their dreams, they are involved in the United States' legislative process, and they are actively engaged in our association at the local, state, and national levels.

NAIFA is Your Professional Home

NAIFA is Your Professional Home

We can support your learning journey from the moment you start in the business through the day you retire. One of the biggest values that NAIFA brings you is a network of like-minded professionals who can help keep you motivated and challenge you to be your best self. NAIFA is here to help market you and find ways for you to leverage NAIFA into your unique brand.


NAIFA is the one and only association:

  • Founded in 1890
  • Advocating for Main Street USA consumers
  • Representing the entire insurance and financial services industry

Financial Professionals


Monthly or annual fees based on the number of years licensed as a financial service professional.
Choose monthly or annual plan during sign-up process.


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Three Years


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Associate Members


Associate members receive many of the same benefits of membership, but are limited in the ability to hold certain leadership roles. 

Industry Professional:
This category is for individuals in financial services that aren't in personal production. Attorneys, CPAs, coaches, fintech and home office professionals should choose this category.


Administrative Professional:
This category is for individuals that work in agencies and firms to support producing members. Administrative professionals can hold limited volunteer roles, but receive all the benefits of membership.

$20/Month Or

Student members must be enrolled in a high school, university, college, or graduate program seeking a diploma or degree and do not hold a license/are not actively producing in financial services. 





Advocacy Action Center

  • View all of the important issues that NAIFA monitors at the federal and state levels. Only NAIFA members can utilize the "Take Action!" function on critical issues by lending your voice and contacting your legislators with the assistance of NAIFA. 

Grassroots Training

  • The Financial Security Advocate Academy provides participants with the training, knowledge, and skills to fully participate in the political process, exert their grassroots influence, and amplify NAIFA's advocacy. Only NAIFA members can attend the FSA Academy and hold the Financial Security Advocate badge.

Congressional Conference

  • Congressional Conference, the industry's largest fly-in, is crucial to our grassroots advocacy strategy. Insurance and financial professionals come together as a critical mass to advocate on behalf of their businesses, clients, consumers, and the insurance and financial services industry. 

In-District Meetings

  • When Congress is in recess, NAIFA's grassroots advocacy actually picks up. NAIFA members across the country meet with their Representatives and Senators in their home districts every August.

State Legislative Days

  • NAIFA is the only advocacy association of insurance and financial professionals influencing policy decisions in every state capital. In 2023, 43 states held legislative days at their state capital. NAIFA members make a difference.



  • NAIFA's monthly membership meeting. Only members of NAIFA can tune in each month for this webinar featuring top-industry speakers. Be sure to check with your state chapter to see if there is a watch party happening in your area!

Advisor Today Brand

  • Our content brand, Advisor Today includes a quarterly print magazine, blog, webinar series, and a podcast. We use this platform to showcase the good work our members and partners do every day for the Main Street USA clients they serve.

Centers of Excellence


Online Consumer Directory

Market Yourself

  • NAIFA offers members opportunities to market themselves by contributing content to our blog for consumers or any one of our Centers of Excellence. Prefer to take the stage? Apply to the NAIFA's Speakers Bureau. Members will receive preferred consideration.


Leadership In Life Institute (LILI)

  • LILI is a six-month leadership development program devoted to advancing your personal growth and professional success. Only NAIFA members are eligible to enroll in this immersive program.

NAIFA Marketplace

  • NAIFA partners with a diverse group of organizations to provide additional benefits to our members. Members are able to access these partners for special rates and participate in programs that were designed for NAIFA members.