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7:20 pm eastern
Zoom Broadcast Begins
7:30 pm eastern
Master of Ceremonies
Join us as we kick off the first ever, Belong Event.
7:35 pm eastern
Pledge & State Recognition
Virtual state flag ceremony
7:45 pm eastern
Outgoing President's Message
Cammie Scott
7:55 pm Eastern
NAIFA Annual Business Meeting
8:05 pm Eastern
YAT Leader of the Year Announced
8:15 pm eastern
Diversity Champion Award Announced
8:40 pm eastern
John Newton Russell Award Announcement
8:40 pm eastern
Member Tribute
Master of Ceremonies
Join us in celebrating the leadership and the accomplishments of your fellow members: Past NAIFA Presidents, 2020 chapter leadership, LILI graduates, LACP recipients, LUTCF recipients, National Quality Award winners, 4 Under 40 recipients, IFAPAC & Grassroots Awards.
8:45 pm eastern
Incoming President's Comments
Tom Michel
8:55 pm eastern
Celebratory Toast
Tom Michel
130th Celebration toast to the future